The Municipality of Kaisariani, with a population of 26.458 permanent residents, is surrounded by three sides of Mt. Hymettus and is very close to the center of Athens. The Municipal Waste Management Plan (ToSDA) emphasizes on innovative actions that are customized to the specific characteristics of the Municipality.

The Waste Plan has been prepared by EPTA Environmental Engineers - Consultants of Environmental Works & Circular Economy, The scope of the Waste Plan is the development of actions such as prevention and reuse (reduction of waste production), separate collection, recycling of municipal waste targeting to reduce waste landfilling and waste management to be based on the principles of the Circular Economy.

Currently, the Municipality of Kaisariani has an action plan which will last until 2025, with specific goals, time frame, cost estimation, responsibilities and detailed description of proposed actions and infrastructure needs, with the intention of its gradual implementation promptly.   

The main outlines that are proposed in the framework of the Waste Plan and analyzed in individual actions / infrastructure needs are the following:

  • The establishment of three (3) Recycling Corners in locations that will serve all citizens, providing the possibility of separate collection of multiple streams of waste.
  • The organization of a network for organic waste separate collection gradually and by the end of 2022 all citizens will have access to the network of organic waste bins.
  • The promotion of composting at household level, at school level but also at central municipal structures.
  • Improving and modernization of the separate collection system and pre-treatment of green waste.
  • Enhancing the separation collection sorting of recyclable materials & other waste (packaging, WEEE, waste portable batteries) as well as the separate collection of paper, glass packaging, textiles, etc.
  • The improvement of the system of separate collection of bulky waste.
  • The organization of an integrated awareness campaign and an appropriate mechanism for the coordination and monitoring of the local plan, in parallel with the modernization and organization of the municipal Cleaning Services .
  •  The pilot application of the "Pay as You Throw" system.
  •  The reinforcement / organization of prevention - reuse actions of materials.


Last but not least, the Waste Plan proposes the assessment of the creation of inter-municipal infrastructures for the management of municipal waste (Green Point, Waste Transfer Station, etc.).

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