The United Association of Solid Waste Management in Crete (ESDAK) proposed the modernization of the existing Waste Pre-Treatment plant of Heraklion and its transformation into Waste Treatment Plant with the expansion of the existing sanitary landfill as a Complementary infrastructure. The action has been scheduled as part of the Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM).

The NSRF 2014-2020 EU program funded the construction of the Waste Treatment Plant and the expansion of the existing sanitary landfill and with ensured a budget of 30,9 million € incl. VAT.


The new Waste Treatment Plant (WTP) will be located in Nea Alikarnassos, at the west part of the city of Heraklion, south of the airport and north of the Heraklion Industrial Area and it will be the main facility of the new Park of Circular Economy of the Municipality of Heraklion. The Park of Circular Economy will consist of various environmental facilities, which will be implemented gradually by 2025, such as the new central Green Point, the new Research and Innovation Center, the new park, the existing Material Recovery Facility, the Waste Transfer Station and the new, modernized parking space for the waste collection vehicles of the municipality of Heraklion.


EPTA Environmental Engineers-Consultants, has completed the necessary Master Plan of the Environmental and Circular Economy Park and the Environmental, the construction and the financing study for the Waste Treatment Plant.


The Waste Treatment Plant will be able to treat 59,200 tons annually of mixed municipal solid waste (MSW) and it will include the following 5 infrastructures:

  • Reception and temporary storage unit for incoming MSW
  • Mechanical treatment unit for the recovery of recyclables and the separation of the organic fraction out of the MSW
  • Biological treatment plant for the organic fraction of the MSW
  • Thermal drying of the organic fraction to produce a solid recovered fuel (SRF)
  • Pelletizing and storage


The purpose of this Waste Treatment Plant is to stabilize and separate waste which is not suitable for recycling, extract recyclable materials and produce a solid recovered fuel (SRF) for industrial thermal applications. The WTP residue will be will landfilled in the expansion of the existing sanitary landfill of Heraklion.

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