EPTA S.A. has completed the required studies and tender documents for the construction of the treatment plant for the source separated organic waste for the Municipalities of Livadia, Orchomenos, Distomo – Arachova – Antikira.


The studies prepared have been approved by the Municipal Council of Livadia and the project is now fully mature and eligible for funding under the NSRF 2014 - 2020.

The tendering procedure of the project is planned to take place during 2021.


The project includes:

  • the construction of a Treatment Plant for source separated organic and green waste of total capacity 3,100 tn per year.
  • the supply of requirement equipment for the operation of the project.

The plant will serve the total population of the Municipalities of Livadia, Distomo – Arachova – Antikira and Orchomenos, in line with the approved Regional Solid Waste Plan of Central Greece.

The main objective of the project is the treatment of part of the organic fraction of the municipal waste that will be collected separately via the network of brown bins that will be placed in the project area.

The plant will be constructed in Regional Unit of Distomo of the Municipality of Distomo-Arachova-Antikira.


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