The Ministry of Environment and Energy has launched public consultation on the Law Proposal "Transposition of the Directive 2019/904/EU on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment".

The aim of the Directive and consequently of the proposed law is to prevent and combat marine pollution from single-use plastic products and fishing gear.

The draft law, apart from the ban of certain single-use plastic products, introduces incentives to reduce consumption and promotes the reuse, recycling and use of recycled materials, as well as awareness raising measures to inform consumers. Furthermore, the extended producer responsibility is introduced to new categories of plastic products, covering the cost of waste collection, management and cleaning up.

EPTA Environmental Consultants Engineers is supporting the Ministry of Environment and Energy throughout all stages of preparation of the draft law, namely:

• Extensive pre-consultation with stakeholders through teleconferences and online questionnaire - 44 organizations from 10 different sectors of the economy participated and 395 proposals were submitted.

• Active representation at national level in the technical meetings organized by the European Commission as part of the preparation of guidelines and implementing acts of the Directive.

• Preparation of the draft law and the supporting documents for public consultation and ultimately for the Parliament.  

• Drawing up an Action Plan for the implementation of the proposed law provisions as well as a proposal for financial support of businesses in order to ensure smooth transition to the new requirements.

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