The Regional Waste Management Plan of the region of Epirus was approved on October 2016 (Government Gazette 3196/Β/05-10- 2016) after a long procedure.

The new Regional Waste Management Plan was prepared by the Region of Epirus technically supported by EPTA S.A in accordance to Law 4042/2012 and the Directive 2008/98 on waste (Waste Framework Directive). The Plan has considered the provisions of the national waste management plan and the national prevention plan and includes infrastructures, measures and actions of total budget 101millions €.

The Regional Waste Management Plan of Epirus foresees the construction of a solid waste treatment plant, decentralized bio-waste treatment facilities and a network for bio-waste separate collection. The plan also includes a network of waste transfer stations and green points for the separate collection of recyclable materials, as well as expansions of the existing landfills.

Furthermore, the Regional Waste Management Plan considers waste prevention measures and actions promoting separate collection of different waste streams, such as home composting, 3-4 different packaging waste materials, printed paper, edible oil, waste electrical and electronic equipment and batteries etc.

With the implementation of the plan, the national and European targets will be fulfilled while more than 65% of the municipal waste will be diverted from landfilling.

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