Food waste is now collected separately in a new brown bin for organic waste in selected areas in the municipality of Chania. Collected bio-waste is sent to special treatment in the Recycling and Composting Plant of the Prefecture of Chania of DEDISA S.A. in order to produce compost of high quality.

In this context, EPTA supports DEDISA S.A. regarding:

  1. The design and organization of the new bio-waste collection program.
  2. The design of the public environmental awareness campaign.
  3. The monitoring of the collection program
  4. The evaluation and optimization of the program

The first phase of the program already takes place for the collection of bio-waste from supermarkets, military facilities, groceries/ florists in Chania as well as from the Technical University of Crete and the Technological Educational Institute of Crete.

In the second phase, the program involves the collection of food waste from households, restaurants/ coffee shops/ bars and hotels from the area of Kounoupidiana in the region of Akrotiri of the municipality of Chania. The majority of the required equipment (bins of 240lt, 360lt, 660lt) is provided by DEDISA S.A.

The new collection program is expected to expand in other areas of the municipalities of Chania and Platania. The proposed design of the separation at source program complies with the requirements and goals set by the national and prefectural waste management regulations

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