In November 2015, the Municipality of Rhodes published the tender for the «Procurement of stable equipment for the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) of Rhodes», within the framework of the project «Material Recovery Facility (MRF) of Rhodes», which is financed by the Region of South Aegean through the NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework). The equipment will be installed inside the material recovery facility and will be used for the separation and recovery of the incoming recyclable materials (paper, plastic, metals, glass).

The construction of the entire project, in which EPTA S.A. acts as Technical Consultant, has been accelerated.

More specifically, the construction of the MRF has almost been completed, along with the surrounding infrastructure. The overall project is expected to be fully operational within the 1st semester of 2016, after the selection of the contractor for the equipment. The capacity of the MRF is approximately 12.428 tn/year and it will serve the entire municipality of Rhodes, with the potential to serve neighboring islands as well.

According to the Local Solid Waste Management Plan of Rhodes, which has been approved by the Municipal Council, the MRF is necessary under the scope of National Solid Waste Management Plan (NSWMP). It has the necessary capacity in order to treat the following 4 recyclable streams:

1.        Paper (mixed paper, card, newspapers, magazines)

2.        Plastic (tetrapack, PET, PE, film PE)

3.        Metal (Fe, Al)

4.        Glass

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