The company EPTA S.A. was awarded the contract for the provision of the consulting services for the project: “Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Infrastructures of Achaia Prefecture” through Public Private Partnership (PPP). This PPP project involves the design, financing, construction, maintenance and operation of the Solid Waste Treatment Infrastructures in Achaia and is part of the approved master plan of the Region of Western Greece. The proposed waste treatment units will reach a total annual capacity of about 150,000 tons and is expected to be co-financed by public funds.

The consulting services already provided to the Contracting Authority comprise the following deliverables:

  • Implementation of Comparative Techno-economical Evaluation of Alternative Technological Scenarios
  • Submission of project Proposal to the PPP Authority (EGSDIT) by the Solid Waste Management Association for the 2nd Management Unit of Achaia in order the project to be implemented as PPP under the provision of the Greek Law 3389/2005. The submission was made after the positive opinion of the Solid Waste Management Association for the 1st Management Unit of Achaia
  • Application for Inclusion of the project under the provisions of the Greek Law 3389/2005 to the IM PPP Committee (DESDIT) and approval of the financing and inclusion in the Program of Public Investments on the 09.08.2012.

The awarding procedure will be implemented in two phases. In Phase A the Interested Bodies have to express their interest in writing and to submit the Expession of Interest in order the preselection to take place. Phase B includes the Competitive Dialogue with the candidates as well as the submission of binding bids.

The construction of the project can be made by any available technology which is in line with the targets set by EU Directives and Laws. The specifications of the project will be identified analytically through the Competitive Dialogue.

The implementation of the above PPP project aims at solving the problem of the solid waste management in the prefecture of Achaia and in the same time creating new investment and employment opportunities.

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