City of Ilioupoli compiled and submitted to the Office of the Covenant of Mayors its Sustainable Energy Action Plan, with the aim to reduce CO2 emissions within the limits of the municipality until 2020. The Action Plan was prepared with the involvement of the city stakeholders and the technical support of “EPTA Environmental Consultants Engineers”.

According to the Basic Emission Inventory, in Ilioupoli, taking 2009 the as reference year, a total of 386.796 tonnes of CO2 were emitted, of which approximately 3% from municipal buildings, vehicles and street lighting, 47% from the residential sector, 19% from the tertiary sector (except industry) and 32% from private vehicles. In the “Sustainable Energy Action Plan” the municipality describes the actions it plans to take to improve the energy efficiency of its operations, the mobilization of civil society, time programming and methods of financing energy efficiency proposals and ways of monitoring the objectives set.

Municipality of Ilioupoli, following the vision outlined in the Action Plan is implementing a plan of substituting municipal lighting lamps for LED ones, has started connecting municipal buildings to the grid of natural gas, has submitted funding proposals (to NSRF schemes) for the bioclimatic regeneration of the Halikakia space, and the energy renovation of municipal buildings. In parallel, a leaflet regarding simple energy conservation measures and actions targeting the residential and tertiary sectors has been prepared and will be distributed to the citizens of Ilioupoli.

The specific objectives of the Action Plan ask for the reduction of CO2 emissions from municipal buildings by 40%, from municipal vehicles by 24%, from road lighting by 32%, from buildings in the residential and tertiary sector by 18% and from private transport by 23%. Achieving reduction of global emissions by 20% is expected to provide direct economic benefits to the municipality and citizens through saving energy resources as well as environmental benefits related to pursuing the sustainable development goals of the city.

Covenant of Mayors ( is an initiative already signed by more than 4,600 municipalities across Europe (the 101 from Greece) and seeks the active participation of local authorities in achieving the objectives EU “20-20-20″ by 2020: reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20% compared to 1990 levels, increasing to 20% the use of renewables in total energy production and reduce energy consumption by 20% through improving energy efficiency.

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