The procedure for the awarding of the temporary concessionaire for the project ‘Implementation of Solid Waste treatment plant in the prefecture of Serres’ has been completed. This PPP project involves the design, financing, construction, maintenance and operation of the Solid Waste Treatment Plant in Serres and is part of the approved master plan of the Region of Central Macedonia. The consortium ‘ΕPTA S.A. – PLANET S.A.’ had been awarded the contract for the provision of the consulting services for the project: “Implementation of Solid Waste treatment plant in the Prefecture of Serres’’ through Public Private Partnership (PPP) during the awarding and the construction periods.

The procurement procedure of the project was made via the PPP (Public Private Partnership) method. The tender, as all PPP tenders for solid waste treatment plants, does not favour the use of any specified treatment technology. For this project the mechanical biological treatment method will be applied, whereas the targets set by EU directives and other relevant environmental legislative restrictions will be met. The annual quantity of waste is expected to be from 45.000 up to 63.000 tones, whereas the financing of the project will be made by private and public funds.

The plant is an investment of about 30 million euros and it will contribute to the creation of more than 200 job positions during its construction and its 25-years-operation.

The construction will last 22 months, so by the end of 2015 the plant will begin to operate and the problem of the solid waste management in Serres will be solved.

This project is the third PPP project in the sector of solid waste management, following the awarding of temporary concessionaire in the Regions of Peloponnese and Western Macedonia, but is more mature and so its construction is expected to begin firstly.

The temporary concessionaire will be asked to submit all the necessary documents before the signature of the contract. The construction of the project is expected to start at the 1st half of 2014.

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