The European Business Awards for the Environment reward companies of all sizes that have made an outstanding contribution to sustainable development. The Panhellenic Association of Environmental Protection Companies (PASEPPE) coordinates the evaluation in Greece, in cooperation with representatives from academic institutions, industries and scientific institutions under the auspices of the European Commission. Following the evaluation procedure, 150 different companies were distinguished for their environmental actions and performance. The winners will officially be awarded in a ceremony that will be held in September 2018.

More, specifically, EPTA S.A was awarded for “FollowgreenTM-Innovative Smart City Recycling & Crowdsourcing Platform”.

The web platform was awarded in «Product and Services» category of the “European Business Awards for the Environment”, while taking highest rankings will participate in the Pan-European competition, with the companies from the other European countries.

EPTA S.A. Environmental Consultants-Engineers, in collaboration with the Omniworks’ IT company, developed the recycling revenue platform The platform is concerned with the implementation of a digital application for 'smart' cities and communities connecting the Municipality with citizens, local businesses and schools with a common goal of increasing recycling.

According to the proposal, the main reasons for awarding the prize to the platform were the following:

  • Providing Municipalities with a contemporary digital tool to reward citizens who promote recycling, through local market discounts.
  • Educating citizens-  in a simple and entertaining way-, on recycling and reuse and recycling practices.
  • Integrating schools (students and parents) through recycling contests in order to obtain a key role in Municipality’s recycling.
  • Strengthening the Social Services of a Municipality since it connects social reuse of materials (like clothes household items, books that are offered for poor people and not being wasted when not needed) with rewards.
  • Strengthening the local market with redeemed points in local sales with discounts and providing free of charge advertisement to the local market.


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