United Nations Development Programme in the framework of its contribution in the issues of sustainable development in third countries, assigned to the consortium of Mostaqbal – EPTA the preparation of a full Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the construction/operation of Northern Shouneh Final Sorting Center and MSW Transfer Station Rehabilitation.  

Under this contract, EPTA designed the programme of the separate collection of the recyclable materials in three Municipalities of Jordan as well as the waste sorting plant. The waste sorting plant to be established will serve the Tabaqet Fahel, Moath Bin Jabal and Sharhabeen bin Hasn municipalities of the Irbid Governorate in terms of processing segregated municipal solid waste (MSW) for recovering recyclables. Since, the Irbid Governorate encounters an increase in population during the last years due to the increase of refugees entering the governorate, among other impacts of this population burst, an increase of MSW generation has been resulted. Thus, an effective, in terms of productivity and economic feasibility, recyclables collection system was proposed that take into consideration the local specific conditions and needs.

In addition, the conceptual design considers the need for the extended involvement of vulnerable women of the Northern region of Jordan. The system includes storage points/collection banks for the separate collection of paper and a collection system of mobile containers at the roadside placed close to the residence of the waste generators for the collection of mixed recyclables in residential areas. The mixed recyclables stream includes paper, plastic metal and glass packaging.

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