EPTA, which has recently moved to new premises in the area of Chalandri, Attica, is committed to reduce the environmental footprint of its services. To this direction, EPTA promotes the sustainability principles such as the recycling of packaging materials, composting and improved energy performance. EPTA has also been certified with the ISO14001:2004 standard.

For example, a 300lt home composting bin has been placed in the outer area of the building in order to divert biodegradable waste produced by the employees and visitors of the company. An amount of 20kgr of waste has already been collected, which is expected to produce approx. 10kgr of compost. The latter will be used as soil improver in the company’s garden. A recycling bin of 110 lt has also been placed with the aim to collect packaging material. In this way, the waste which is led to final disposal from EPTA’ s operation will be reduced by 40%.

In addition, the newly constructed building fulfills high energy performance standards. The improved insulation of the envelope, the use of a central cooling system (COP=3,6 and EER=3,2) and low-consumption lighting bulbs, as well as the installation of a BEMS system are expected to lead to a significant reduction of energy consumption in comparison with a typical office building. Moreover, a PV panel has been installed for covering the external lighting needs which an annual production of 510kWh.

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