The European Business Awards for the Environment reward companies of all sizes that have made an outstanding contribution to sustainable development; those whose activities contribute to economic and social advance without detriment to the environment. To be eligible, companies must first succeed in their national award schemes which are organized throughout Europe each year. The Panhellenic Association of Environmental Protection Companies (PASEPPE) coordinates the evaluation in Greece, in cooperation with representatives from academic institutions, industries and scientific institutions under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Interior. In addition to this, PASEPPE also organizes the Greek Awards for the Environment. Following the evaluation procedure, 19 Greek companies / bodies were distinguished for their environmental actions and performance. The winners will officially be awarded in a ceremony that will be held in September 2016 in Athens.

For the second time, EPTA S.A Environmental Consultants-Engineers ( was awarded for the 2nd time with the Prize of Environmental Awareness of the Greek Awards for the Environment.

More, specifically, EPTA S.A was awarded for “Mobilizing local authorities and citizens and raising awareness on environmental issues and sustainable energy”

EPTA was awarded the prize in recognition to the company’s contribution to sustainable development, environmental protection and sustainable energy. More specifically, EPTA SA, in collaboration with important national and international institutions (e.g. Technical Chamber of Greece), has implemented two European projects that actively promoted:

  • The principles of sustainable development, through the promotion of sustainable energy planning  and the implementation of innovative European initiatives and actions,
  • Sustainable energy, whilst also contributing to mitigating the catastrophic effects of climate change, by supporting Greek municipalities in developing and implementing Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs)
  • Social awareness and the mobilization of citizens in environmental protection, by implementing awareness campaigns that include:
    • Websites that provide information and technical reports for the public and stakeholders (e.g. the SEAP-PLUS website and the DATA4ACTION website)
    • Informative brochures for the promotion of sustainable energy planning
    • Publications in environmental magazines and papers
    • Public consultation on energy issues of numerous Greek municipalities
    • Informative events (Energy days, student competitions, roundtables & workshops)


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