The Sanitary Landfill and Compost Unit of the Municipality of Tinos was approved as eligible project for funding in the Operational Program “Infrastructure, Transport, Environment & Sustainable Development 2014-2020″ (NSRF) with a total budget of  7.301.192,02€.


The project includes the following:

- construction of a Sanitary Landfill with a capacity of approximately 84,000 m3 with a lifespan of 25 years,

- construction of a Composting Unit with a capacity of 300tn/year for the separately collected organic and green waste,

- improvement of part of the existing access road with a total length of 2.790m,

- procurement of appropriate equipment for the organization of a network for organic waste separate collection and the promotion of composting at the household,

- acquisition of the required land,

- connection of the facilities with networks,

- required archaeological work,

- recruitment of a Technical Advisor.


Expected benefits from the implementation of the project:

- environmentally sound management of municipal solid waste,

- protection of public health and natural resources,

- possibility of utilizing the produced compost.


EPTA SA ( participated as a leading partner of a Joint Venture for the technical design studies and provided the support in technical issues for the project funding  in the framework of NSRF 2014 – 2020.

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