The Municipal rewarding recycling platform, was awarded the 5th prize at the 9th Innovation & Technology Competition of the National Bank of Greece, among 331 participations.


The Followgreen web platform is addressed to municipalities as a digital tool for rewarding the citizens who recycle and/or re-use in their local area. Its two primary functions are the following:

  • Citizens create an account and earn points through online educational actions about recycling - in a simple and entertaining way- and through the registration of recycling in their municipality.
  • Citizens redeem their reward points on special services - discounts for products / services in local & municipal enterprises or donate them at schools through the school recycling competitions.


The Followgreen web platform is an innovative environmental action which involves citizens, municipalities and schools. It has achieved up to date: 5% population coverage at national level, motivation of 40,000 students annually to participate in school recycling activities, 70.000 educational actions every month and 7,000 citizen’s memberships in 11 Municipalities.


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