The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), active in Greece and in developing countries, funded the Technico- economical Study for the assessment of sustainable Used Lead Acid Battery (ULAB) collection and recycling scheme in Jordan.

The aim of the study is to define a sustainable and effective National System for the Management of ULAB in Jordan based on international best practices focusing on ‘Polluter Pays Principle’ as well as on the ‘Extended Producer Responsibility’. In the framework of the study the life cycle of accumulators was examined from their introduction in the market, their replacement, their safe transportation in recycling plants up to the safe disposal of the residues from the treatment.

The study was undertaken on behalf of EBRD and the Jordanian Government and prepared by EPTA S.A Environmental Consultants – Engineers with 20 years of professional experience in European and International projects (LIFE, HORIZON, ENPI etc) in collaboration with the local consulting company, Mostaqbal.

According to the outcomes of the study, a new system will be developed which will be funded by the ULAB producers/importers as well as the recyclers, based on their income from the sales of the recovered lead. The System, which will be awarded in the form of a Public Private Partnership (PPP), will undertake the funding, construction and operation for 15 years of the infrastructures required for the collection, storage and transfer of ULAB, the required preparatory actions such as training and awareness, as well as the development of electronic monitoring tools and auditing procedures. The net present value of the System was estimated at 33 million Euros, whereas in parallel full financial analysis was made through specific financial models prepared for this purpose.

The next steps will follow within 2018, according to the time schedule of the Jordanian Governmental and will include the publishing and awarding of the PPP tender in order the development of the new ULAB management system be in place in 2019.

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