The NSRF 2014-2020 EU program funded the construction of the Waste Treatment Plant of Western Thessaly, with a budget of 31.3 million €, decided by the Regional Director of Thessaly.

The project has a full maturity of studies and licenses, developed by the Joint Venture of Design Offices in which E.P.T.A. Consultants - Designers ( participates on behalf of the competent body P.ADY.TH SA.

The project creates a significant number of new jobs both during its operation and during its construction.

The waste treatment plant will be constructed by the Municipality of Trikala in the area where the landfill site of Western Thessaly currently operates for the prefectures of Trikala and Karditsa and consists of:

1. Unit of mechanical and biological treatment of mixed municipal waste (M.B.T.) with a capacity of 45,453 tons per year.

2. Treatment plant for biowaste and greens, separated at source, with an additional capacity of 13,752 tons per year.

3. Biogas-power generation unit for electrical energy production.

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