The Municipality of Chalkida has completed all studies for the construction of the Green Point located at the site of New Cemetery, Municipality of Chalkida, regional unity of Euboea.

A financial request will be made followed by tender procedures for the construction works and the equipment of the Green Point. Shortly after construction will begin.

The construction of the Green Point in Chalkida is foreseen in the municipality’s local plan, in the regional waste management plan of Central Greece and the NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) 2014-2020.

Green Points provide an organized space where citizens can bring recyclables, edible oils and fats, electrical and electronic equipment waste, textile waste, biodegradable garden and park waste, bulky waste as well as small quantities of small repairs and household maintenance.

The basic purpose of the Green Points is the source separation of waste into different materials in order to reuse and recycle and thus reduce the management cost of mixed waste (transport, processing, landfilling).

EPTA Consultants Environmental Engineers is involved in the contractor agreement and coordinates the integrated study, which includes the preparation of final designs, a financial analysis study and the drafting of the tender documents for construction.

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