The Solid Waste Treatment Plant of Eastern Section of the Central Macedonia Region was licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Energy on January 9, 2020.

The plant has been designed with a capacity of:

a) 128.200 tn/year mixed municipal solid waste, serving the Municipalities of the eastern section of the Central Macedonia Region (part of the Regional Unit of Thessaloniki and the whole of the Regional Unit of Halkidiki) and

b) 22.000 tn/year separately collected organic and green waste, serving the Municipality of Thermi and 65% of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

It will be constructed in the area “Agios Antonios” of the Municipal Unit Vasilica of Thermi Municipality.

The project, which is the responsibility of the Regional Solid Waste Management Authority of Central Macedonia, was licensed in conformance to  the current Regional Waste Management Plan of Central Macedonia and solved the problem that was created in the past.

EPTA S.A. has undertaken the technical study of the project with the aim to initiate tendering procedures within 2020 and request financial support under EU funding programs.

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