On August 31, 2015, the Municipality of Nikaia - Agios Ioannis Rentis approved and submitted to the regional waste management authority (EDSNA) the Municipal solid waste management Plan/ Strategy, after the 2/10/2014 formal request of the Regional Authority. The Municipal Waste Management Plan has been developed by EPTA Environmental Engineers-Consultants according to the provisions of the new legislation ‘National Waste Management Plan’ and the contents of the ‘Guide for the study of municipal waste management plans’ issued by the regional waste management authority.

The Municipal Plan includes a detailed study of objectives, activities, performance targets, as well as analysis of the existing land uses and proposals for alternative sites for the new infrastructures (central green point, small green points and small collection points). Finally, the Municipal Plan presents costing of proposed actions and project time schedule for municipal solid waste management for the various solid waste streams, in order to get approval for financing from the 2014-2020 Attica regional funding program.

The key actions/projects proposed in the framework of the Municipal solid waste management plan of Nikaia - Agios Ioannis Rentis include:

  1. Provision of a Central Green Point.
  2. Two small Green Points (for the regions of Nikaia and  Agios Ioannis Rentis  respectively) and several small collection points in local districts.
  3. Biowaste separate collection.
  4. Green waste separate collection.
  5. Home composting.
  6. Waste prevention and re-use activities.
  7. Expand separate collection of packaging waste and other recyclable materials.
  8. Paper waste separate collection.
  9. Glass packaging waste separate collection.
  10. Bulky waste separate collection.
  11. Construction and Demolition Waste separate collection.
  12.  Awareness campaign and coordination and monitoring plan of activities.
  13. The implementation of citizen’s “smart card”.
  14. The modernization of the cleaning services with the acquisition of new waste collection vehicles and the organization of a new management and control system.
  15. Cooking oil separate collection.
  16. Household hazardous waste separate collection.

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