The Municipality of Peristeri is taking into account the objectives of the local plan and the requirements and objectives of national and European legislation, and proceeds to the separate collection of food waste. This action will contribute to the reduction of waste for disposal in landfills and will produce environmental and economic benefits.

EPTA Consultants Environmental Engineers completed a study of organization and implementation of separate food waste collection, according to which the distribution of brown bins can immediately start in the following months. Waste from cooked food or raw food (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, pasta, etc.) will be collected in those brown bins. The collected material will be driven to composting facilities in order to produce high quality fertilizer (compost), which will then be used by the municipality and the citizens as fertilizer in parks, gardens and crops.

In its first phase, separate food waste collection food will be applied to large producers of the municipality (food industries etc.) and street markets. In the second phase, separate food waste collection will be applied to selected catering companies and supermarkets. The third phase will cover the entire municipality (home users).

It is noted that the municipality of Peristeri is the first municipality of the regional west sector of Athens to realize the action of separate food waste collection.

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