HELPE Refinery Industrial Installations in Aspropyrgos, is following a new circular economy policy and implements an integrated Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Management Program. In Aspropyrgos industrial installations approx. 1.600 people are working on a daily basis.

The program was designed and developed by EPTA SA, focuses on the need to move practices away from landfill disposal and promotes prevention, preparing for reuse and recycling in order to reduce by 70% the mixed waste directed for landfilling. The program includes all the steps HELPE need to take to meet the national, european and international goals of solid waste management.

As recycling is a key component of integrated waste management, all building facilities of the industrial area have been equipped with recycling bins for separating at source 10 different waste streams: Paper, Plastic, Metals, Glass, Food waste, Tetrapack , Plastic lids, Batteries, Electrical and electronic devices, Lamps.

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