On March 29, June 5 and July 18, 2013, three teleconferences were successfully held by the Greek Partners (the Technical Chamber of Greece www.tee.gr and EPTA SA www.epta.gr), with representatives of Municipalities supported by the SEAP-PLUS project, a project co-funded by the “Intelligent Energy Europe” programme of the European Commission.

The aim of the project is to actively promote the Covenant of Mayors initiative in 11 European countries, a European voluntary initiative of cities in Europe aimed at enabling local communities achieve and exceed the targets set by the EU for 2020, i.e. to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20%. The project facilitates direct knowledge transfer from experienced partners across Europe to less experienced partners and provides technical support to cities for developing Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs). A SEAP defines the activities and measures that a municipality shall implement in order to achieve the targets, together with time frames and assigned responsibilities.

To date, the teleconferences have set up the framework for developing SEAPs with an emphasis on the sources, methods and problems faced when developing the Baseline Emission Inventory of a SEAP.

As a result of the effective cooperation between TCG, EPTA and the Municipalities, a student drawing competition “I paint what we do in our city to clear the sky”, was organized. The award ceremony was held after the event “Local Actions for Sustainable Energy”, on June 27, 2013. Furthermore, the SEAP-PLUS Business Breakfast Event was successfully held on June 24th, 2013, at Brussels, in the framework of Sustainable Energy Week 2013, before the CoM Ceremony, where mayors, representatives of municipalities and other stakeholders, primarily from cities supported by SEAP-PLUS, had the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences.

EPTA as a key partner of the SEAP-PLUS project, in collaboration with TCG (coordinator) will continue to organise teleconferences to provide technical support to municipalities supported by the project for the preparation of more and better SEAPs.

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