The Municipality of Dirfion Messapion of the Prefecture of Evia undertook the implementation of the wastewater projects of Psaxna and Kastella funded by the Operational Program “Environment & and Sustainable Development 2007-2013″. The projects include the construction of:

A) The internal sewage system in Psaxna and Kastella of total length of 30,7km.

B) The WasteWater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and the pipeline of the treated wastewater.

C) The required pumping stations and the wastewater pipeline to the WWTP.

EPTA was assigned to offer technical consultancy and support to the Municipality for the successful implementation of the projects. More specifically, the responsibilities of the consultant are the following:

-       Preparation and implementation of the competition of the projects.

-       Evaluation of the tender documents until the signature of the contract.

-       Tasks after the contracts and during the construction phase of the projects and during the trial operation of the projects.

-       Tasks after the construction phase and the trial operation.

The overall duration of the contract will be (36) months and the deliverables of the consultancy are:

-       Reports on the progress of the project and timetables per quarter.

-       Scheduled reports every six months.

-       Plan of consultants actions.

-       Plan of Information Reporting System.

-       Quality program of the project.

-       Reports of evaluation and control.

-       Non scheduled reports.

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