The Covenant of Mayors initiative aims to support local authorities increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources in their territories, in order to help meet and exceed the European Union 20% CO2 reduction objective by 2020. A Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) is the key document in which the Covenant signatory outlines how it intends to reach its CO2 reduction target by 2020, by defining key activities and measures to be implemented. However, a major barrier for the development and implementation of SEAPs is the lack of valid and reliable energy data at a local level.

DATA4ACTION, a project co-funded by the "Intelligent Energy Europe” programme of the European Commission, aims to facilitate public authorities’ access to reliable energy data. The project is mobilizing energy data providers and public authorities throughout Europe to set up win-win data exchange collaboration models that support the successful implementation and monitoring of SEAPs. These models range from simple bilateral data exchange cooperation agreements, right through to the creation of regional level “one-stop shop” energy data structures that support regional and local public authorities with the collection, processing and exchange of energy data.

EPTA SA Environmental Consultants – Engineers is the Greek partner of the DATA4ACTION consortium, a consortium with partners from 11 European countries. In Greece an energy observatory is being created to support municipalities and help them gain access to local energy data. The observatory is being incorporated within the Technical Chamber of Greece’s structure (TCG), as a result of TCG’s strong commitment to support municipalities in energy planning and TCG’s role as a Covenant of Mayors (CoM) Coordinator.

EPTA will present the project activities and outcomes to date during a webinar for Greece co-organized by the Covenant of Mayors Office and ICLEI Europe on the 29th of September 2015 at 10am. The webinar will inform participants about energy data collection practices in Greece and will provide practical advice on energy data gathering and processing for the purposes of developing a Baseline Emission Inventory / Monitoring Emission Inventory of a SEAP.



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