The largest island wastewater treatment plant was licensed by the Ministry of environment and energy (Environmental permitting Department, No 32074, 27/6/2016). The license concerns the expansion and upgrade of the existing wastewater treatment plant of Rhodes wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and the necessary upgrade works of the existing sewage treatment plant (STP).

The existing WWTP of Rhodes was manufactured to treat the wastewater of 120,000 p.e.  while the STP is constructed to process a daily supply of 1.600m3/d. With the proposed upgrade and expansion projects, the WWTP will be capable to receive and treat the wastewater of 210,000 p.e. while the capacity of the STP will be increased to 2.000m3 / d.

EPTA SA ( participated in the project "PRELIMINARY STUDY FOR THE RHODES WWTP CAPACITY INCREASE' as part of a wider partnership of consultants, led by the consultancy ROIKOS SA. EPTA conducted the Environmental Impact Assessment Study of the project. The Preliminary Study of the plant is completed and the next step is the immediate completion of the tender documents, in order for the project to be financed by the NSRF 2014-2020.

Water and wastewater sector is an emerging working area of the company.EPTA provides integrated solutions for:

  • Sewage Networks
  • Wastewater treatment facilities
  • Sewage Sludge treatment plant
  • Water supply networks
  • Water treatment plants
  • Flood protection systems
  • Water desalination plants

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