The Municipality of Mykonos, located within the South Aegean Sea Prefecture, has successfully developed an Energy Plan. EPTA S.A. has technically supported the Municipality to compile this Plan and to choose the appropriate measures in order to reduce CO2 emissions by 41%, by 2030.

According to the Baseline Emission Inventory, in 2014 34,573 tonnes of CO2 were emitted within Mykonos from the municipal sector, the residential and tertiary sector and private transport. Approximately 25.5% of the emissions can be attributed to the residential sector, 17.1% to the tertiary sector, 51% to private road transportation and 6.9% to municipal buildings & infrastructure, vehicles and road lighting.

The Energy Plan proposes measures and activities to be implemented in different sectors:

  1. Municipal buildings
  2. Buildings of the residential and tertiary sectors
  3. Road lighting
  4. Municipal vehicles
  5. Private vehicles

The Municipality has already implemented energy efficiency interventions and intends to actively pursue further funding opportunities, under the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2014-2020 Programme. In total, the implementation of the plan is expected to result in a decrease of total emissions from municipal buildings and infrastructure by approximately 50%, from road lighting by 63% and from municipal vehicles by 39%.

Additionally, the Municipality of Mykonos has set a target to increase production from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) within its territory by 14,500 MWh, provided that wind and photovoltaic parks will be constructed. In order to support the uptake of RES within its territory, the municipality plans to install photovoltaics on municipal buildings and promote the installation of private RES projects (primarily photovoltaic).

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