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Below are some of our most interesting projects at the moment.

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The project concerns the construction of all necessary works for the safe and integrated management of municipal wastewater in the touristic area of Agkali in the northern zone of the Prefecture of Evia. In particular, the following aspects have been studied, at detailed design level: a. the internal sewerage network in the settlement of Agkali and b.  the transfer wastewater network from Agkali to the existing wastewater treatment plant in Mantoudi.

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The project concerned the Environmental Impact Assessment Study for the sewage system, the wastewater treatment plant and the disposal system of the Municipality of Marathon. The organic load capacity of the WWTP was designed to serve approximately 100.000 inhabitants (population equivalent).

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The project concerned the construction of the sewage system in areas of Nea Peramos and was co-funded under the Operational Program “Environment & Sustainable Development 2007-2013″. The budget of the project was 14 million Euros. More specifically, the project concerns: the construction of internal sewage system in areas of Nea Peramos (with total length of 35.395 m), the central collector pipe (with total length of 3.160 m) and the wastewater pipeline to the wastewater treatment plant of Megara (with total length of 9.485 m).

The services provided included: a) Support during the tendering procedure until the signature of the contract, b) Technical and financial management/administration of the project, c) Construction Supervision. 

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